A weekend to remember

Fall, I love you because you always deliver. One of the best weekends this year, by far.

A fairly successful and encouraging day at Rho. I am joined by an elegantly coiffeured Mer for a blindingly delicious dinner at Elaine’s: coctails, fois gras, mussels, a nice red, white salmon, bison, cheesecake and a complimentary hemisphere of a buttermilk dessert I can not name at the moment.


A walk through Raleigh: Pullen Park. Bugfest. I come into possession of THE ORB OF POWER. Fish and chips/BBQ plate/PBR. Exploris (funny phone voices, “there’s a dart! In your neck!”)

Radiodread: who would have thought that show would pack the Cradle? Not me. The show has prompted me to work on my new, ultimate hippy fusion-cover-band: The Grateful Dread. Didn’t get off work until 3AM.


Essentially recovering from previous days. Eating at Med. Deli. surfing at panera. Buying some new shoes.

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  1. Tiramisu is Italian for “lift me up.” At least that’s what my mom has told me. I’ve never confirmed it. (To translate it properly from the Italian, you also have to make an upward motion gesture with your hands as if you are, in fact, lifting something up.)

    It looks like my excessive commenting has skimmed off the riffraff. That’s a free service, by the way.

  2. once again spraying graffiti on the walls of brian’s blog. i really am leaving now, officer.

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