Jose Gonzales, Death Vessel

You saw the computer monitor commercial that featured thousands of colored bouncing balls going down a street ins San Fran., yes? It had some nice acoustic music accompanying it and at the show last night I suddenly realized I was in the presence of greatness when the dude on stage, Jose Gonzales (from Sweden), started playing it. After the show the sound-woman played a disco version of the song and I thought oh this is funny what a funny cover of the song. Turns out the soulful JG song was actually in all fact a cover of the disco song. He also did a badass version of “Teardrop” by Massive Attack.

Also I think that chick from Death Vessel has been hitting the bicep curls a little too much.

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  1. I bought the JG CD on the strength of an All Things Considered piece that I only heard half of. I was similarly surprised to hear the TV Commercial Song partway through the album.

    This was not unlike my experience with Nick Drake. I got a copy of “Way to Blue” during my early college years, listened to it once or twice and put it away. Then when I pulled it out a couple of years later, it was all pretty much new to me — except for the VW Commercial Song.

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