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  1. give the guy a break. he’s got three neurons and they just alternate…”iraq…freedom…cut taxes on the rich.” you can’t blame him. being president isn’t his strong suit. dancing on a table at a frat party is his strong suit. why do the republicans you’d like to hang out with at a bar turn about to be such idiots these days? mccain is a likeable guy but he’s only got about five neurons himself…”more boots on the ground…cut pork barrel spending…straight talk…don’t know much about econ…obama’s a sissy.” i like you mccain. why’d you have to go and ruin it by running for president? we need a guy who actually gets stuff. republicans don’t even have a vaguely coherent philosophy anymore. mccain was against bush’s senseless tax cuts on the rich and now it’s one of the main parts of his platform. but america needs to get with the program too. rural blue collar voters, please pay attention. your tax money is not going to pay for gang members in the ghetto to buy drugs. republicans are not cutting your taxes; they are cutting taxes for some dallas oilman billionaire. republicans are not economic geniuses. neither bush nor mccain knows the first thing about the economy. republicans are not foreign policy or national security geniuses. iraq made sense how? bad idea…check. poorly planned…check. resources stretched too thin…check. didn’t adjust to changing circumstances…check. alienated our friends around the world…check. not that the democrats are brilliant either. but for god’s sake, please just consider each candidate in his own right. what does mccain bring to the table besides a few decades of being a “maverick” and reaching across party lines to pass minor legislation? all in favor of a maverick with the p.o.w. cajones to invade iran when we barely have enough troops to fight the two wars we started in bush’s first term… awesome choice everyone. oh, i forgot. he might save you ten bucks this summer by suspending the gas tax. so that’s pretty friggin cool. that’s a friggin pepperoni pizza right there.

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