Another new Wiki

Develop for the iPhone? Why when I can make more wikis? I just put up Free Stuff Wiki, and change your life it just may not. The idea is that there are a lot of free promotions on the web and if you find out about one, you can put it on this site. The pages I’m adding to the site are not revolutionary or anything that you couldn’t find with two or three keywords on Google, but as it is my experience with wikis, you can’t start with a blank canvas. People gotta have something to work with!

I’m thinking of starting a new blog category: new websites I’m making that I may or may not see through to maturity.

Free Stuff Wiki though has a lot going for it right from the start. Meredith made a good point that in these times of economic uncertainty people are probably going to be searching the web for more free things. Though Google Trends looks like it disagrees with that, it shows that people are really interested in spending nothing on gifts for the holiday season. Nothing says love like something free from the internet, right?

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