Eatin’ Poutine (demo)

I can’t stand working on this song anymore, so I’m going to release this demo and see if you can give any suggestions as to how it can be better. Yes, Dan, more drum solos. I hear you.

Listen to: Eatin’ Poutine.

i love you more than ketchup
i love you more than hollandaise
i love you more than vinegar
i love you more than mayonnaise

when i look in your eyes
there comes a shocking surprise
you know I just cant disguise
I love those gravy and fries

The only thing that I love in this world more than you
is eatin’ poutine

baby, you’re the best
second only to a condiment
you know that you’re soooo good!
right after my comfort food

you can call me crazy
call me anything
if there’s one thing that I mean
don’t get between me and poutine

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  1. you’re really stereotyping my critiques. one time i said a 10 minute drum solo and another time i said a 15 minute drum solo. it’s kind of like timeless advice for a kid, like don’t eat yellow snow. really, when have you heard a misplaced (10+ min) drum solo? exactly, never happens. but to change things up and because this song is exceptionally deep, i will say possibly what it needs is a singing saw or a theremin. also, no one speaks french or zulu or whatever that word is so a translation would be good. or are you trying to be the next “deuce in the night”? for some reason i always heard that hendrix song as “scuse me while i kiss this guy who is about to play a 20 minute drum solo because he know’s what’s up dude.”

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