Hillary Clinton and Binary Opertors

The talk of the town is “will Obama choose Hillary as VP?” The prevailing arguments are that a combined ticket will unite the party and some of the more critical swing states. The idea being that if you like either Obama OR Hillary, you’ll cast your ballot in their favor. I all-capsed the “OR” because it is not the word “or” in this case but the boolean operator:

Venn OR

OR is the unitor. What if, instead of OR, the American voter works more like AND (the intersector)?

Venn AND

What if an Obama/Clinton ticket doesn’t win people who like Obama or Hillary but who have to like both Obama AND Hillary?

SNL has a take on this:

QUICK PS: What’s with the “Yes she can” slogan? It seems dubious to derive from Obama’s rally cry when Hillary criticized Obama for borrowing (with permission) “change you can believe in”. This is a lot of slogans to juggle for one campaign. Also, enough with the claims that Hillary won the popular vote. She’s counting Florida and Michigan where Obama (or Edwards) was not on the ballot.

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