Like a Charm

Dan sent me this email:

Do your Google ads want you to buy white tea, green tea, premium gourmet tea for which you will pay literally any price, imported specialty tea, rare Chinese tea, Ceylon tea, white peony, gunpowder green, or sencha perhaps? Remember that you love expensive gourmet tea and no price is too high, because you like exceptionally rare ultra premium quality gourmet tea. I wonder if there are any teas which enhance one’s penis in any way or one’s sexual prowess in bed, which is to say tea remedies for penis ailments, or to put it another way tea penis supplements. Things that I wonder about. Go figure. Dan

p.s. Hmm…how about weight loss teas, which is to say tea to help a person lose weight by drinking tea, that is special weight loss specialty gourmet penis enhancement tea for weight loss and penis enhancement and the drinking enjoyment gourmet quality tea supplement tea drinking experience.

These ads, like flowering tea buds, popped right up:

Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea
Deliciously fresh jasmine dragon pearl tea at great bargain price.

Tea Forte
Exquisite teas and tea gifts. Silken pyramid tea bags.

Beautiful Teapots
Floral, Chintz, Victorian Teapots Tea Accessories, Vases, Nightlights

Organic Goji Sale
$12.95/lb – $9.95 in Bulk. High Quality, Low Price. Goji Berries

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