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  1. Lunch is on me if you can correctly identify the artist in that collection which also occupies non-ironic space on my mp3 player.

  2. It’s funny how the line between worst and awesomest is a lot finer than the line between worst and mediocrest or awesomest and mediocrest. I’d be honored to call any of these beauties my pride and joy. Although I will concede that there is an ever so slight chance that I am viewing them through a subtlely different lens than the one originally intended. I can see any of these playing pretty well as cover art for a Beastie Boys CD single release.

    Lance — either the shower guy or Devastatin’ Dave. But what is non-ironic, really? I mean, the problems of three people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. The only thing I can think of that isn’t ironic is a juicy steak. That reminds me, I’m really really hungry.

  3. The Louvin Brothers.

    Not characterized by often poignant differences or incongruities between what is expected and what actually is.

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