Sex split

Which would you rather have: a business that was pretty much guaranteed to be mildly successful with one or two stores, or one much less likely to succeed but has a mild chance of opening a large chain? Nature has faced that very question when evolving the probability that the sex of a child is male or female. Females are much more likely to reproduce whereas males could, potentially, have many more offspring. It seems the verdict is just about an even split.

I just read that the split is shifting to be more heavily weighted towards women. My source is The Onion, so, yeah, who knows about the truthiness there. Still, assuming its true, what does that say about the shift in selection pressure?

I’m iphoning this post as I am passing some time in a doctors office. Maybe that hearing clog can be cleared up….

Also: I’ve been working at Rho a year as of yesterday. Yee-ha!

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  1. all those bitches that keep hitting me up for child support…still, it’s better to be a homey than a ho, know what I’m saying? although it has always bothered me to have nonfunctional nipples.

    listen fellas, 1. if you get married, sign a pre-nup!! and 2. don’t get married

    peace. i out.

    btw hey baby i like the way you shake that thing, holla back.

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