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  1. maine before i kill again?

    octogon me before i kill again?

    or is that like an interstate sign? maine before interstate kill again? kill again is an odd name for an interstate though.

    maine before the town of i kill again? we’ve lots of -kill towns up here like fishkill and minekill and indian kill. however, i kill seems a rather short prefix. yes, i know what you’re thinking. indian kill? is their mascot a dead indian? is the era of political correctness dead? well, you’ll be glad to know that this area was settled very early by the dutch and kill actually comes from the dutch word kille which luckily doesn’t mean kill but translates loosely as genocide massacre. only kidding, it means body of water or something like that. bodies of water are of course great for drowning witches and things like that.

    so the sign reads roughly, maine before i body of water again. of course i could be the roman numeral for 1. maine before one body of water again.

    i think road signs often neglect to include commas, but if i insert them it helps to render the intended meaning…

    maine before one body of water, again octogon.

    in other words, maine was once an octogon, then became a body of water, and now is an octogon again.

    this sign is certainly an important warning for motorists.

    but brian, do you have to be so damned cryptic? not that i don’t feel special being able to read between the lines. but some people maybe haven’t known you for as long and if i hadn’t left this comment they’d really be scratching their heads.

    think about your readers, dammit. your readers. dammit. your readers. da

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