Sex With High School Students: Amy McElhenney is a Pioneer for Justice!

Good news! Another beauty queen has been accused of having sex with one of her students! Thing is, this time the student is 18. Law is (in Texas, where this happened) you can’t have sex with public school students no matter what, but in light of this case lawmakers are considering a change. My gut says that high school teachers shouldn’t hit on their students and this new legislation could change that. I’m sure this 18 year old was stoked to have sex with his 25 year old contestant for Ms. Texas. Detractors for the new laws I’m sure are imagining worst case scenerios of creepy shop teachers making young girls awkward with talk of French Curves.

In the eyes of the law these 18-year-olds are adults and able to make informed consent. What would Keep Sex Legal say? Of course, my gut is based on my experience teaching high school and my own personal moral compass pointing in the direction of “no, don’t do that.” That’s a myopic view and I’m sure there would be cases where it would not be fully informed. Like, for example, in the totally-would-never-happen type scenerio where a beauty queen would hit on a budding young frat boy.

I’ll leave this open for now. Comment if you have a stance.

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