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  1. This is why you weren’t at work? I actually think it’s way better than the music you typically hear at BB&B.

  2. When I was at BB&B, they scared me out of the store with an OxiClean laundry ball video blaring in my ear.

    It was this guy yelling at full volume, on loop —

    I took a comment card and congratulated them for scaring me out of the store so quickly. An employee was like, “Thank you for writing that. We’ve tried to tell him, but he loves the OxiClean guy.”

    I think we all love the OxiClean guy…but it’s the kind of love where if you ever hear the person again you wish you had a cyanide capsule to bite. The OxiClean guy is probably like George Bush. Fun to hang out with on Friday night, but you just wish he had a different job.

  3. What’s beyond the bed and bath, anyway? I like the use of “beyond” there, as if what’s just beyond beds and baths is incredibly intriguing. You have to go way, way beyond bed and bath supplies to pique my interest. How about Bed, Bath & Helicopter? Or Bed, Bath & Helicopter & Way, Way Beyond. Readers, do NOT take my idea. I will be watching.

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