We are Graveyard Fields

Graveyard Fields: a favorite of the Blueridge Parkway. Kind of a magical spot with wide, open spaces in an area normally packed with trees. There is not much dirt between the sky and solid rock and this depth is cut right to the quick by a stream running through the park which rolls into waterfalls and swimming holes.

We’ve had out eyes out for a new band name for a while. Though the sentiment behind “Coverhogs” is good (one who steals covers from another) people thought we were a cover band or had something to do with Harleys. It’s important to me to have an ourname.com, and when I found that graveyardfields.com was not taken that was that.

We are now, and will be, Graveyard Fields.

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  1. OK but don’t be surprised when people assume you are Sally Field impersonators in zombie costumes. But listeners: do not stereotype based on band name. Didn’t ma never teach ya, dun judge a book by is covah? You judge a book based on whether it has a foreword by Suze Orman, Dave Barry, or Oprah.

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