Hacking the MySpace Password List

I told you to watch out for phishing sites, but it is evident that thousands of MySpace users don’t read my blog. Some hackers collected scads of user emails and passwords for the LOL horde and then posted them (amongst other places) here.

Don’t get your hopes all too high. I tried a few and it seems like most of those have been reset with the rest most likely soon to follow. Though you may think it is cool to change some poor jockish lacrosse player kids listed sexuality to “gay” — and it is cool — the window has probably passed.

Or has it?

Thing about kids is they don’t like filling their brains with seemingly redundant information like multiple passwords. Simple logic has that if a password is secret, then why have a different one for every damn online service out there? So if you really have nothing better to do than to fuck with already fragile egos, see where they check their email (probably Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL) and try out their password.

Okay pedophiles, now’s your chance to SHINE!

Aside to MySpace: you should really alert these kids (and they are mostly kids) that they should change ALL of their passwords.

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  2. i need to hack into my boyfriend acount if you could help me i can see if hes cheating or not and see ehat the girls have been saying

  3. i need 2 find out my friend’s myspace password because she had hacked my myspace plenty of times so now i want 2 hack her’s

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