I had a meeting with HR to discuss the benefits of going permanent. One such perk is that they will pay for one class a week as long as it relates to my profession.

“Does anger management count?”

“Uh… no… no, I don’t think so.”

Well it had better!

This story isn’t that funny but I’ve wanted to tell it to a lot of people and haven’t because I felt like this would be lording over them such amenities. To most of my friends the concept of company-provided benefits are alien. E.g. once a friend of mine fell through the stairs where we work and when he told the boss the response was, “well, can you fix them?”

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  1. Has the statute of limitations run out on that yet? I handle personal injury, DUI defense, and blackmail. Wait, no…blackmail is just part of my tactical arsenal…cross that off. If you don’t get paid, I don’t get paid. We’re talking seven figures, my friend, maybe even twelve. Hold on, how much is twelve? Maybe not twelve. Anyway, you gotta act now! By the way, do you know any other careless people and/or drunks? Here’s my card!


  2. It’s impossible to feel anything but giggle-y (yes, I realize that I am easy in that regard, but still) when looking at the Blanket Fort comic in shared items. There’s your anger management!

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