Kids say the darndest things

Elliot pulls my arm behind my head and since I am fairly flexible in that area I make it look like my arm has been pulled out of socket.  “It’s broken!” I exclaim.

“Stem cells can make broken bones grow back,” he returns, unworried.

Playing with Ellliot was probably the best part about seeing the Bulls with the rest of the Cradle.  It was mildly entertaining to hear Cameron and Tracy rip on some dude with a beatnik hat and wrestling shirt.  It was like junior high kind of ripping.  This guy wasn’t that far from us and our collective hearing damage probably makes us speak louder than we should.

Earlier on Monday Isa and I recorded a Dub version of “Kitty Cat School”.  That worked out really well… especially when Isa said (with Billy in earshot), “mom made me stop playing this song because she said it’s annoying.”

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  1. Elliot may be up on the latest science, but his political insight is behind the curve. Suggest he write a letter to Bush pleading with Bush to approve more stem cell lines so that Brian can get his old arm back!

  2. “Mom” says (most) ANY song played 300 times in one day is annoying and well, the exceptions to this rule don’t generally involve a lot of falsetto meowing.

    On the way to camp this morning Isa told me that you and Billy prefer the band “Menage a Moi”. BTW, just so you know, they teach French at Glenwood. She then told me you guys “probably just didn’t know those words meant he was playing with himself.” I quickly said “Playing by himself.” And she asked “What’s the difference?” I pointed out some roadkill and changed the subject.

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