Late night at Hell

After a particularly grueling hip-hop show, Steph and I went to Hell to settle a foosball score. Are the shows getting less easier to endure because I have the perspective of my new job on the horizon? It ran late and (maybe due to the beers) I didn’t do so well.

Towards the end of the night a girl sidles up alongside me and says, “remember me?” A brief moment of awkwardness, but then out of nowhere I do! A couple of years ago I asked her out. The next night I was talking with a girl and getting clear signals that she was interested in me. So I ask for her phone number. “Ummm…,” she says, “I gave it to you last night.”

I walked Steph back to her place at Davie Circle (right through the spot where she was robbed gun-to-head style). I hadn’t been on that street in 10 years and it brought back a lot of memories. After seeing Steph safely to the house it was pretty late at that point so I ran back to the Cradle. At 3AM it was still sweltering.

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  1. “A brief moment of awkwardness”

    Fortunately after that brief moment of awkwardness you realized that it was a girl you’d asked out and then forgotten about 24 hours later, then apparently forgotten to follow up with after that.

    Speaking of gun-to-head style, when will I be robbed gun-to-head style? Once in awhile I think of clever things to say when that happens. I’m kind of annoyed I have never been accosted at gunpoint.

    Mugger: “Give me your wallet.”
    Me: “What’s a wallet?”
    Mugger: “Don’t play dumb with me, white Anglo-Saxon middle class male.”

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