The Grass is Greener When it’s Wearing a Wedding Ring

CNN reports on a recent study which demonstrated that the perceived attractivness of a man is augmented if it is shown that other women find that man attractive. This was achieved by showing women test subjects pictures of men with women looking at the men. In the photos where the women were smiling at the men the male subject was considered to be more attractive.

What the article fails to mention is that recently a follow-up study was conducted in which pictures of women with men smiling at them were shown to women. The women’s reaction? Images of women garnering male attention appeared 10% fatter and as much as 20% “slut[tier]” than the control group. The findings confirm the researcher’s initial hypothesis.

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  1. women: can’t live with em. can’t smile at em.

    by the way, women who bitchslapped another woman were 30% more likely to appear on jerry springer

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